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はっきりしない転換点 Unclear turning point


The interactive ChatGPT will have increased the number of opportunities for the general public to touch ai. I'm one of them, and it seems that more than 200 ai tools have been released.


It seems that there are still a lot of security problems now, and I was advised not to enter important information. This means that the information entered must be recorded sequentially and used on the assumption that it will be additionally learned.


Well, I think that interactive ChatGPT will be trained at a faster speed than you can imagine, but some image-generated ai has also begun to have commercial possibilities that have already cleared the copyright problem.


If you think about it again, if you can learn with more speed and scale than people learn, you can't compete with ai. However, I feel that it is difficult to reach ai for the products of people who contain a lot of organic impurities.


However, I think there are many people who do not need unexpectedness that contains a lot of organic impurities. They are definitely people who need development from the context of the past. If that's the case, the creator will also be actively involved in the future, learning, and using powerful tools to start the next creation.

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