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カラーマネジメント Color management


A few years ago, I started to worry about the colors of my printer at home, so I bought a color management device. He initially calibrated his monitor, but was just disappointed with the difference in color from the output from the printer. He thought he needed consistent adjustments, so he bought a device that could even adjust monitors, printers, digital cameras, and even flat-head scanners. I am convinced that this is a consistent color management by adjusting the color of the monitor and reading the color output from the printer with a sensor. So-called, it was an excellent one that can manage from the color exit to the entrance with a sensor.




However, during the period of Korona-ka, it turned out that the equipment was broken. I replaced the main body of the sensor (it seems that it cannot be repaired, so I bought a new one), and everything went well. The output of the printer was almost the same as that of the monitor, which was a convincing result.

However, the bad things overlap, and the printer was also in bad condition due to Korona-ka, and when I contacted the manufacturer, I was not satisfied with the amount of money because repairs were charged and shipping costs were taken into consideration.

With a bad habit, I have been delusional that I can repair anything by myself for a long time. yes. I also disassembled the printer. It seems that the optical sensor part with a simple structure that detects the position of the printer head became difficult to read due to dust for many years, causing blurring of printing. As I wrote on some site, it was easy to clean that part, but it was disassembled and destroyed. I decided to buy the same one again. Recently, the right to repair has become a hot topic, but I realized that the majority of products do not have the right to repair even if they are broken.




Now that the color management environment is back in place, I adjusted my home monitor. It's generally good, but the connector of the cable that connects the sensor to the PC seems to have a bad contact, and I got an error several times.

I don't know if it was a coincidence, but the manufacturer's brand logo had changed. The name was changed to something that neither support nor the distributor knew.

It turned out because I was following on SNS when something went wrong, but I am also considering products from competitors.

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