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ジェイン・ジェイコブスの本 Jane Jacobs' Book

少し前に、ジェイン・ジェイコブスが書いた本を読んだ。「発展する地域 衰退する地域: 地域が自立するための経済学 (ちくま学芸文庫)」という本。新しい経済学が指し示す数学を駆使した経済運動解説より、数百倍しっくりきた。あまり偉そうに言えないのは、そっち「数学を駆使した経済運動解説」の方は、詳しく読み込んでないので。


Not long ago, I read a book written by Jane Jacobs. A book called "Developing Areas, Declining Areas: Economics for Local Independence (Chikuma Gakugei Bunko)". It is hundreds of times better than the explanation of economic movements that make full use of mathematics pointed out by new economics. The reason I can't say so much is that I haven't read in detail the "Explanation of economic movements that make full use of mathematics".

What I think is characteristic of Jane Jacobs is the style of spinning answers from events from existing literature. That's why even I, who doesn't understand mathematical theory, will fall in love with it.


In the book of Jane Jacobs, there is the word "import replacement". "Valuable products" made somewhere can only be imported in order to obtain them, but they will be able to be produced in towns where the conditions for "import replacement" are met. This will reduce the outflow of money and, on the contrary, increase the inflow, making the city a prosperous city. However, it's not easy to go.


The characteristic of the developing city is that its functions are compact. It is necessary to integrate various technologies to create high value-added products. Only under such conditions can "import replacement" be possible. The plan is that a compact city with the necessary and sufficient functions will develop in this way.


This is what I often see in overseas articles these days. It advertises that "the function of the city is compact", which is covered by a certain sense of distance, such as a 15-minute city and a 5-minute city. Plans set up by overseas government agencies (?). I haven't read the text, just the title, but it's fascinating that everything you need is compact (for example, within walking distance). She also writes that the developing city is compact and has a solid community of residents. The sense of distance also guarantees the formation of a community.


She lived a little while ago, and although differences in communication technology have had a greater impact than expected, even in modern times, decentralized cryptocurrencies are used against centralized currencies. Considering the composition of network technology represented by currency, I feel that there is some light.

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