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ドバイエキスポに行けなくて少し残念な私には朗報かな? Good news for me, a little disappointed that I couldn't go to Dubai Expo?



As the title says, it wasn't really disappointing. From a conversation with a certain person, he said, "Even after the Expo, you won't break it right away. Even if you disassemble it, if you bring a safety helmet, you may put it in by mistake." ..

However, in this modern society, it is a little unimaginable in the present world where sustainability is taken into consideration to dismantle (make a vacant lot) the site of the Dubai Expo immediately after the session. When I read the article on the internet at the Expo Milano, I remembered that the site of the venue would be reused. When I looked it up, it seems that the site is crowded as a complex facility.


So, when I looked it up, there seemed to be "district 2020". It seems that they intend to reuse 80% of the venue to move in to companies around the world and provide a base at the midpoint between Europe and Asia for people and goods. Moreover, Dubai seems to be steadily advancing with a budget, including space development and tourism-oriented countries on the roadmap. The move-in start seems to be 2022.09.


I would definitely like to visit "district 2020" with a cheap ticket from Emirates.

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