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ブロックチェーン Blockchain Technology


Blockchain is slowly infiltrating. The news covers a variety of topics, from "under-the-hood stories" about cryptocurrencies to stories that envision a "expected future" that is not centralized.


It seems that wealthy people in some countries have invested their surplus money in the "mining" of virtual currency, but recently, probably because of restrictions, they quit all at once and the price of graphic cards, which are parts of PCs, has dropped. Rumors that started. The graphic card is called "Gravo", and it is a part used for drawing on the PC monitor screen. There are everything from pins to holes, and when it comes to high-end ones, there are some that are higher than the main body of the PC.



What's so valuable is that it's a product designed and manufactured to speed up certain calculations, so gamers prefer the high performance of smooth screen movements. Looking at the market price research site etc., when I saw the change in the selling price about 6 months ago, it fell.

The point is that rich people have invested in the "mining" of virtual currencies, so the convenient parts "Gravo" have disappeared from the market and the distribution has decreased, so the price has soared, but I am tired of mining. People are coming out and the market price seems to be falling. Good news for gamers and PC enthusiasts who aren't very good at it.



Isn't it a shift from a centralized economic structure to a decentralized one? It's a sale from a magazine, but when I personally imagine it, it can be exciting. For example, "PLATEAU" of the Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

I like MAC, but I also like assembling PCs and exchanging parts, so I read that information with great interest. However, as I wrote above, considering the "expected future", the technology used for this virtual currency, blockchain, is a great technology. I'm not going to mine, but I'm interested in this, so I'll browse the related information online and learn a little

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