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万物の夜明け:人類の新しい歴史、という本 The dawn of all things: a book called the new history of mankind


日常的な会話でしたら、なんとなくはわかりますが、論文的な英文の読解力は今ひとつ。そんな私でも、英文の書籍を購入したことが生涯で二度あり、そのうちの一つがこれ。当初は、iPhone にお願いしようかと思ったけれど、2分くらいで本体が熱をもってきたので、中断。しばし、放置していましたがAIにお願いしてみることに。ただ、完全に翻訳するのではなく、エッセンスだけ手っ取り早く知りたかったので、以下のようにお願いしてみた。

If it's a daily conversation, I can understand it somehow, but my thesis-like English reading comprehension is not good enough. Even for me, I have purchased English books twice in my life, and one of them is this. At first, I thought I'd ask for an iPhone, but the main unit brought heat in about 2 minutes, so I interrupted it. I left it for a while, but I decided to ask AI. However, instead of translating it completely, I wanted to know only the essence quickly, so I asked as follows.

"The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity”を2400文字程度で解説してください。

「すべての夜明け:人類の新しい歴史」Please explain in about 2400 characters.

「The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity」は、著者デビッド・グレバーとデヴィッド・ウィンターによって執筆された革新的な書籍です。この本は、従来の歴史観を覆し、人類の歴史に新たな視点を提供する試みとして注目されています。本書は、社会学、考古学、人類学、文化研究などの多岐にわたる学問分野からの知見を結集し、人類の起源から現代に至るまでの歴史を再構築しています。



「The Dawn of Everything」は、緻密な研究と鮮やかな文章で、読者に歴史の新たな理解を提供します。著者たちは、従来の史実だけでなく、考古学的発見や先進的な社会理論などの新しい情報源を駆使して、人類の過去と現在をより深く探求しています。

総じて、「The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity」は、伝統的な歴史の枠組みを越えて、人類の歴史に新たな光を当て、読者に幅広い洞察と視点を提供する画期的な書籍です。

Is an innovative book written by authors David Grever and David Winter. This book is attracting attention as an attempt to overturn the traditional view of history and provide a new perspective on human history. This book gathers knowledge from a wide range of academic fields such as sociology, archaeology, anthropology, and cultural research, and reconstructs the history from the origin of mankind to the present day.

This book raises questions the traditional view of history and presents a new framework for re-evaluating human history. The authors mainly elucidate the formation and evolution of human society based on the concept of " disorderly community". This concept questions the traditional historical framework such as the dominant power structure and class system, and emphasizes the possibility that people's cooperation and collaboration were the foundation of society.

In addition, this book also focuses on capturing history from the perspective of different cultures and societies. We incorporate the contributions of diverse societies and cultures around the world without being bound by the traditional Western-centered view of history. This allows readers to understand human history from a more comprehensive perspective.

"The Dawn of Everything" provides readers with a new understanding of history with meticulous research and vivid writing. The authors are exploring the past and present of mankind more deeply, using not only traditional historical facts but also new sources such as archaeological discoveries and advanced social theories.

In general, "The Dawn of Everything: A New History of Humanity" goes beyond the framework of traditional history to shed new light on human history and provides readers with broad insights and perspectives. It's a revolutionary book to do.


I'm getting more and more interested, so someone please release the Japanese version as soon as possible.

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