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今の所、当方は購入予定はありません So far, we have no plans to purchase it.


There was a new product announcement from Apple. I understood from the presentation that it will be high performance, but the product lineup is too limited, and we have no plans to purchase it so far.


However, the technology that will affect the future trend was included, so I would like to blur the joy a little.

Apple siliconと呼ばれるものは、SiPとかSoCとか言われているもので、一つのチップにいろんな機能を詰め込んで効率と経済性を両立したもので、appleがさらに自社の理想と、利益とを高めるための大事な大黒柱であります。


What is called Apple silicon is called SiP or SoC, which packs various functions into one chip to achieve both efficiency and economy, and Apple further enhances its ideals and profits. It is an important pillar of the eyes.

It seems that it has evolved a lot from the previous generation of M1, M2, etc., but the new thing is that it corresponds to ray tracing. This is supported by Grabo as a matter of course on WindouwsPC, and it seems to be an essential function to enjoy the game, and it seems to be directly connected to the cleanliness of the screen, well, this is realized without stress in high-end Grabo It is.

私はPCゲーム、専用機でのゲーム共に興味が薄く、この技術に恩恵を感じなかったのですが、3DCGの世界もコスパの問題で、開発しきりのこの技術を取り入れてるよう。一部の3DCGソフトはこの技術で、リアルな画像を短時間に提供してくれる環境が整ってきました。しかし、これはWindouwsPCの話で、Apple siliconを搭載したmacは取り残された、寂しい感が否めない状況でした。しかしながら、今回発表されたM3チップは、数々の性能向上曲線もさることながら、リアルなイメージ作成に不可欠な技術、レイトレースに対応したとの発表でした。

I was not interested in PC games and games on dedicated machines, and I didn't feel the benefit of this technology, but the world of 3DCG is also a problem of cost performance, and it seems that it is incorporating this technology that has been developed. Some 3DCG software has created an environment that provides realistic images in a short time with this technology. However, this was a story about WindouwsPC, and the mac with Apple silicon was left behind, and it was undeniable to feel lonely. However, it was announced that the M3 chip announced this time supported ray tracing, a technology essential for creating realistic images, as well as a number of performance improvement curves.



It seems that the previous chip also had a soft response, but it seems that there is a physical circuit because it is "hardware ray tracing support", so it will be processed at an incomparable speed. Moreover, it seems that you can use more memory more efficiently, and you will be able to benefit from both speed and memory capacity, and I can't stop getting excited.

However, since the product lineup is limited, I will wait until it is developed around macmini.

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