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善き人の理想と現実 The ideal and reality of a good person



Recently, "chatGTP" is in season. Ai, which has been developed by various companies and organizations until now, is getting the attention of the public. It has also been featured in online news articles, and when you enter a text, it will reply to it, and it has grown into a very intriguing target. The title is such a current task, I tried to put it into words in my own way.


There was a movie called "2001: A Space Odyssey" more than half a century ago, and "HAL 9000", which also appears in it, seems to be close to this now that I think about it. However, many of you seem to know it, but the end is like that.


In my perception, if I can start with a huge amount of text data in machine learning and recognize the meaning of its expression, I think it is expected that the knowledge that can be used exponentially will increase. Therefore, it may be said that it is now possible to have a dialogue at a level that is okay to publish to general users. From now on, there should be not a few parts involving humans, including supervised learning such as image recognition, so as a matter of time before the result of tuning, the personality of the person involved, or the judgment area to replace it, "humanness" will appear. I think so.


However, what should not be forgotten is that you will seek a personality "in it". It is helpful that the external storage device has become routine and the requirements that need to be remembered have decreased, but I think that there are strict things that should not be forgotten as a person. Therefore, considering the task prediction that you tend to seek a decision "in it", it seems that it is necessary to deepen your judgment even more as a person. I feel the importance of vaguely learning to think about coexistence with "in it" that people have not yet seen, which has not been engraved in history.



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