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大阪のとある化粧品工場跡地 Former site of a cosmetics factory in Osaka


spring break. I don't know if it's common sense for Japanese elementary school students, but it seems that there is no homework during this holiday. As a housewife, I can't help but be worried about being at home. It seems that there is no sign of being productive, such as watching TV or playing games. Proposed to go to the library in the neighborhood. He got on nicely. It's a familiar library, so when I went with it, I found that the book I was looking for didn't have a collection of books, and when I was looking for other books, I noticed this book.


This book deals with the promotional art of a cosmetics manufacturer, but at that time, there was this production factory in the living area. The reason I remember is that there was a big product name and illustration on the wall of the factory for promotion.


As a vacant lot for a long time, I was playing for a long time without being used. A resort development company is now building a building around, but when I was a child, it was a factory site for a cosmetics company like the link below. It seems that it was relocated due to circumstances, but the profile of the woman used in the packaging of this product is slightly burned on the young eyeball.


I checked the state of the factory at that time, but I couldn't find anything remarkable, and there were a few on this link. When I was little, I applied this moisturizing cream that my mother used to use when I went out in the winter.化粧品工場/

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