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水素とアンモニアとアルコール Hydrogen, ammonia and alcohol



It seems that a major German energy company is seriously conducting research on hydrogen energy. As you know, it is an energy that does not generate carbon dioxide, and has been put into practical use and attracting attention as a power source for automobiles for several years.

However, in Japan, it seems that major fossil fuels currently cover most of the production, but it is said that the mainstream production method is to use a catalyst for fossil fuels, and it is quite related to fossil fuels. I can't be happy because it doesn't seem to cut.


Also, the other day, a major Japanese energy company announced its research results on a TV news program, but it is said that an American subsidiary has developed a technology for synthesizing ammonia with air, water and renewable energy. Apparently, the manufacturing technology for ammonia has been around for 100 years, but the topic is the method of using a catalyst at room temperature, which has recently been talked about under the conditions of high temperature and high pressure. I was able to see a lot of articles when I searched online to see if the research was progressing more than I expected. Ammonia seems to have a technology to mix it with gas and burn it, so it was a topic with a sense of the future.



This is also a technology discovered several years ago, but it seems that there is a technology that produces alcohol by catalyzing carbon dioxide in the air. When I found it, it smelled like money, but some people realized it in New York a little later. Apparently, this technology produces ethanol from the air and sells it as sake.

Above all, I feel that the decrease in carbon dioxide in the air is kind to the earth.



After all, the relationship between next-generation fuels and carbon dioxide is a topic that attracts attention, but unlike fossil fuels, big money is born, not flocking to concessions, but it is familiar in a self-sustaining and decentralized manner all over the world. I feel that it will develop by making good use of things.


However, what is of great interest is the innovative technology of steelworks, which uses hydrogen. It seems that it is currently underway, but if it is put into practical use, it can be expected to have a carbon offset that is incomparable to the amount emitted at home.

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