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物語の影は電気羊かどうかWhether the shadow of the story is an electric sheep


Recently, I read a story called "Scarlet Studies". I had borrowed this book for my son's summer vacation assignment, "Reading Impressions," but he didn't seem to be in the mood to read it, so I read about 20 pages aloud to him. As a result, the father was primed, and the child returned it without reading it.


I think many people know the title well, but the first work of Sherlock Holmes. Moreover, it was the first time I read "Sherlock Holmes". "Sherlock Holmes" that you often see in TV dramas and movies. There are enthusiasts all over the world, and it seems that there are also enthusiastic fans, and the impression is that it is a work that seems to be very difficult for screenwriters to visualize. I'm sure there are many people who have something to say about the details and consistency of the images, but I can't cover that much from the amount of knowledge I've read from "The First Sherlock Holmes". Talk a little looser.


NHK (Japan Broadcasting Corporation) often broadcasts foreign-produced documentaries in a selection of genres unique to NHK. I recently learned about a TV program about Coppola's "Godfather" series. It's true that he had various problems at home and abroad, so he probably had a desire to convey his thoughts to someone.


In a slightly different story, "Star Wars" actually wanted to shoot "Fresh Gordon", but it seems that he had to use his own story due to copyright. Well, it was said that medieval knights and warfare experts were invited to reinforce the finer details.


I tend to forget about it, but when I feel embarrassed about announcing and publicizing my thoughts on something due to the common sense of the world, I secretly say what I wanted to say in the form of a fictitious story. It seems that there are a certain number of works that have been tolerated. This requires a high level of writing ability, but if you can prepare well, you can also tell the whole world the theory you came up with. A note of caution is needed if it succeeds as entertainment.


What about design? Originally, I think it is something that cannot be expressed in words or is difficult to express in words, but is there a design that has a hidden intention and is widely accepted? I want to think about it.

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