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猫に小判  Pearls before swine



As a proverb, the title is an expression translated from a Japanese word, and it seems to be a proverb with the same meaning in the English-speaking world,

There is a saying "koban for cats" in Japan. I'm happy when I give koban to humans, but I'm not happy when I give it to a cat. Because there is no reason to be happy. The meaning of the proverb is that it is useless to give expensive things to things that you don't know their value. As it appears in the words, this is a contrast between cats and humans, but if koban changes to something different, there should be people who are happy and unhappy even among humans.


I'm sorry for our analogy, but once upon a time, I wanted to play the piano. Unfortunately, my wish hasn't come true yet, but I still have an electronic piano at home. A video of famous overseas musicians explaining the composition process has been released. Because it's a video, I think it was before 2000, but I was happy right away and started practicing while watching the video at home. At first, he told me the simple background and history of a simple phrase, but then the keyboard was projected and it became a video of actually playing. A phrase that you can play by yourself if you watch the video and practice for a few minutes. However, I don't think it's the same instrument, piano, that made me feel strange. It looked like a different instrument.





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