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購入予定はないのですが、ツールとしては気になるところI don't plan to buy it, but I'm worried about it as a tool.


I wrote last time, but I still haven't put it on the purchase list, but if you can get the best results considering the business flow, you have to consider it, so you need to understand the trend. To put it simply, the operating environment for each product of the software, the minimum requirements, and high performance requirements.


With the times, high-performance software has appeared, and it seems that the strategic roadmap of software manufacturers is being realized, but in the past, mac seems to keep a distance from Windows workstations in Apple's strategy. I will. From your own strategy, products may be working hard to cooperate with each other and appeal the maximum attractiveness to consumers, but from my point of view, there are times when I feel that the cost performance is bad.

Apple siliconを心臓に収めた製品群が、華々しく送り出されてゆくのは一大イベント化されていて、日本時間では真夜中にもかかわらず、ほぼ毎回視聴しています。現在の私のメイン機種、M1のApple siliconが華々しく世間に送り出された記憶も残ってはいます。即座に導入した時には、RAMの容量に対して不安感もあったのですが、使ってみると、動画編集から、CADの作図、ベクトルデータの編集、データの読み込み、書き出しの連携も、全く不安を感じさせませんでした。

It has become a big event that the product group with Apple silicon in the heart is sent out spectacularly, and I watch it almost every time, even though it is midnight in Japan time. I still remember that my current main model, M1 Apple silicon, was brilliantly sent out to the world. When I introduced it immediately, I felt uneasy about the capacity of RAM, but when I used it, I didn't feel any anxiety at all about video editing, CAD drawing, vector data editing, data loading, and exporting.

ただ、流石にApple siliconの第一世代はそろそろ先が見えてきた気がしています。それは、ソフトベンダーがM1を正式サポートから外したままだということ。繰り返されるアップデートの中で改善されてゆくであろう機能と、はっきりとサポートリストに上がらない機種とは将来的なことを考えると、比較せざるをえないということ。現状には不満はないが、次に来る購入リストにはやはり、サポートが継続されるであろう機種を入れることになると思います。


However, I feel that the first generation of Apple silicon is about to see the future. That means that the soft vendor has removed M1 from official support. Considering the future, we have to compare the features that will be improved in repeated updates and models that are not clearly on the support list. I am not dissatisfied with the current situation, but I think the next purchase list will still include models that will continue to be supported.

M3 that supports ray tracing will be supported for several years to come, and you can rely on Windows workstations for drive speed and processing speed, but I assume that the basic operation is mac. It was necessary, and M3 was included in the planned purchase (waiting) list.


A video that tried a few new features

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