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道具の進化 Evolution of tools


もう旬が過ぎた感じがするGENERATIVE DESIGNだけれど、9年ほど前の書籍を手あたり次第インプットしては楽しんでます。先人たちが残してくれた知恵もいろんなサイトに散見されるので、写経と共に学ばせていただいてます。

Although I feel that GENERATIVE DESIGN is past its prime, I enjoy reading books from about 9 years ago and inputting as much as I can. I am also learning from the wisdom left behind by our predecessors, which can be found on various websites, along with the sutras.


There is a possibility that you can enjoy various things from this app, from simple videos to games, depending on the program, but it is also interesting that your preferences come out naturally while being a sutra-sha boy. What I like the most is the generation program of abstract patterns that incorporate noise functions into the program. It puts out a different image every time, so it's fun to do it all the time.


There is a specialized book that I made as a reference book for copying sutras, and it seems that this book was published by a foreign author as a Japanese version. The video that seems to be the author's site seems to be quite elaborate, and it seems that the same technique can not be used yet for a boy who is about copying sutras. However, since it is a software that can handle various formats such as videos, still images, and vector data, it is quite happy even if it is just a sutra copying boy.



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