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食のこだわりCommitment to food




However, it may not seem like you are too particular about it from the perspective of others. The reason is that we want to eliminate as much food as possible.

The word "mottainai" has spread all over the world, but I think that even in Japan, we are still disposing of it without feeling guilty. I may be doing something unreasonable from the perspective of others, but a little bit of what I do on a daily basis.


For example, kelp and dried sardines used when making soup stock, which is the basis of Japanese cuisine. I couldn't stand to throw it away, and when I looked it up, I remembered that the soba shop had taken the soup stock, cut it into small pieces, added soy sauce, boiled it, and served it to customers. I practiced it immediately, but the taste is not wrong, but the problem is that it takes a lot of time and effort if it is a small amount. This may be difficult unless it is a store.



After that, I found a good idea after a while, but I bought it to get the soup stock, but I used it once and the rest was left unused. The idea to somehow consume the dried sardines was to put them in a small case and soak them in edible vinegar. I ate it after soaking it overnight.

Nukazuke with another idea. There is a container for pickled bran in the refrigerator at home, which is also useful. If the edges of large vegetables such as radishes remain, they are not thrown away, but are pickled in bran. In addition, the pickles shine with the accent of a monotonous meal that is mainly rice.



Recently, when cooking curry, stew, and root vegetables, I used to peel the skin, but the antibacterial ingredient contained in the skin is the source of the scent of vegetables, and the news article says that it is eaten as it is. After seeing, cut it into small pieces so that the skin does not bother you, and put it in as it is. Of course, you can wash it with water to remove dirt, but you can just heat it and eat it, so you can treat it as raw. What's more, I heard from an acquaintance's Western-style restaurant that there is a pot for putting scrap vegetables, where various vegetables are mixed and heated to be used as a sauce.

It seems that there are various wisdoms, but this time around.



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