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15分都市とは、ChatGPTに聞きました I asked chatGPT what is a 15-minute city.


In the flow from the last time, I was able to explain the words and phrases in the area that I only know somehow, so that cats don't become koban. " Regarding "15 minutes city", the following is what I asked ChatGPT.


A 15-minute city is a concept that refers to a livable, efficient and sustainable urban space. In an ideal 15-minute city, important facilities and services are arranged for residents to be accessible within 15 minutes on foot or by bicycle.



In urban space, the convenience of pedestrians and cyclists is emphasized. Large sidewalks and bicycle lanes are maintained, and there are plenty of parks and green areas. The height and design of the building are also in harmony with the landscape, and the ventilation and sunshine between buildings are also taken into consideration. Exchange bases such as community centers and marches are established in each region to promote the exchange and empathy of local residents.

In the way of coexistence in a 15-minute city, an environmentally friendly and sustainable society is important. The use of renewable energy and the improvement of energy efficiency are progressing, and the amount of carbon dioxide and pollutants emitted is minimized. Waste recycling and reuse are actively carried out, and the effective use of resources is promoted.




In addition, a city plan with participatory residents is carried out, and the voices of citizens are reflected. Residents actively participate in the development of cities and work in cooperation with local governments and related organizations to solve urban problems. The information is highly transparent, and residents can easily obtain information about policies and plans.

The realization of a 15-minute city has many challenges, such as developing sustainable transportation, improving public transportation, and optimizing land use. However, in order to pursue urban sustainability and improve the quality of life of residents, we need to tackle these challenges.

The above is an overview of the ideal urban space and coexistence of a 15-minute city. A 15-minute city is a vision of a new city that balances the convenience of residents and the protection of the environment, and it will be an important method for building a sustainable future.


And I feel like it's an accurate explanation, but I thought the heat of the story was lower than the one created by people. That's all for this time.



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