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2025EXPOと日本観光のデザイン 2025EXPO and Japan Tourism Design


Around this time, EXPO 2025, I think that the flow of people from overseas and the flow of people to overseas will return to the previous level. Even though there are still issues that need to be taken care of, such as carbon dioxide and global warming, people still can't help but move.

当初の日本政府の計画書を見ると「想定来場者」数:2820万人 会期:6ヶ月 1日あたり:15.7万人の来場者、となる。来場者ではあるのでこの中に6割が日本人と考えて、残り6万人強が海外からの来場者と考えてもすごい数である。宿泊施設も大阪だけで足るはずもなく、交通機関を駆使できる周辺都市部の宿泊施設はこのを人数受け入れることができるのであろうか。

If you look at the original Japanese government's plan, the number of "assumed visitors": 28.2 million, duration: 6 months, per day: 157,000 visitors. Since they are visitors, 60% of them are Japanese, and the remaining more than 60,000 are visitors from overseas, which is a great number. There can't be enough accommodation in Osaka alone, and can the number of accommodation facilities in the surrounding urban areas that can make full use of transportation?



When I heard the story from the key man of the Expo, it seems that great people from all over Japan are also taking this opportunity to work out measures to attract foreign tourists.

Of course, nearly 160,000 people per day are quite small compared to the last Dubai Expo venue, and even if you forcibly house them in this Expo venue, it's impossible to make fun memories, and no one can think about it. So, if possible, you would like to visit a selection of tourist attractions from all over Japan between the Expo.


Well, I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of action people related to administrative tourism all over Japan will come up with.



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