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2025EXPOと来場者予想 2025EXPO and Visitor Forecast


The image you see seems to be Montreal, but 2025EXPO is not an environment full of greenery like this, but a landfill in Osaka Bay.


As I wrote in the previous blog post, unfortunately I didn't expect visitors from overseas as I thought. According to the official data, there are 3.5 million visitors from overseas and 24.7 million domestic visitors, and the percentage of visitors from overseas is 12%. It seems to be an estimate from the visitors of the "International Flower and Green Expo" in 1990. Easily calculate visitors from overseas, 19,000 people per day. Well, how do you see this number?


According to the same official materials, according to the results of the Aichi Expo, visitors seem to have concentrated at the end of the event. Rather than being concentrated in the early stages, the load of each related place seems to be better when you get used to it, but considering that the control of the ticket goes well as expected, it will not be a big fuss. I'm really looking forward to the cooperation between the admission time and reservation system and MaaS, so I personally recommend public transportation rather than visiting by car.

また、mirano EXPO 2015の時に経験したのだけれども、ナイトチケットなるものがあった。


Also, although I experienced it at the mirano EXPO 2015, there was a night ticket.

It is expected that there will be a lot of demand in this itself, but when I remember that time, I, a foreigner, went straight from the airport, and the summer climate was a disaster, and various parts were rubbed and hurt. Please be careful.


Well, I'm looking forward to seeing what kind of action people related to administrative tourism all over Japan are thinking about.



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