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ドライブ・マイ・カーをみてLook at Drive My Car



People who don't go to the theater to see it, but on rare occasions, if they hit a topical work at the right time, they may go to see a movie. If it's an entertainment blockbuster, you can talk about it without worrying about anything, but sometimes you hesitate to say that it's a unique work. Ah, when I think that it gives an unexpected impression, I think about the choice a little.


This time, that's exactly why I thought I'd go to the theater once, but I couldn't make the cut and stopped. After that, there was more public reaction than expected, and he won the "Japan Academy Award" and was nominated for the "Academy Award" from his home country. I decided to go to the theater with his wife.


Previously, Korean works won the US Academy Awards. It was broadcast on TV in Japan, and I remember thinking it was a very good work. However, it was a work with a different atmosphere from the Japanese movie with this title, and the selection of American Academy members was very interesting.



Depending on the movie that hits, you can get a glimpse of cultural differences, which can be interesting. You may see it in the Sunday editions of famous newspapers, such as hit charts of movies shown in overseas movie theaters. Not only the topic of movies, but also articles dealing with the cultural sector of the country are very interesting.

When I imagine the national character or the economic situation on my own, I somehow fall into dismay. I feel like an economic analyst and analyze it.


Postscript, it seems that the 94th Academy Awards ceremony will be held at the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles, USA on March 28, Japan time (March 27, local time). Let's look forward to it.



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