EXPO 2025に出てくる私的技術予想 Private technical forecasts in EXPO 2025


Entrepreneurs, users, designers and various stances who are excited about what kind of technology will be unveiled will be looking forward to it. Of course, I also feel that it is an extension of the current technology, so I would like to predict the technology that is "likely to come" with EXPO 2025.



First of all, 5G of communication technology. In short, it seems that the amount and speed at which data can be sent will increase, so technological development based on this is conceivable. On top of that, I think that the part related to personal terminals and the other parts will be separated.

From a personal terminal, make full use of Metaverse, XR, etc., so that even people who do not actually visit can enjoy it on an XR basis. Isn't this a priority for each exhibiting country and will be added to the XR of the entire venue as an access point from the exhibition base? I think. I think that various hurdles for participating in XR will be lowered depending on the circumstances of each country. Simultaneous connections will be limited. Also, if the XR positioning information relies on GPS, the hurdles are a little high, so it may be smooth if there are real partners in the same country.


Again, with XR and 5G technology, it may be possible to make an intense event. Even if there is a limit in the real world, it may be possible with XR. With the recently started XR glass, rock stars over 50m can appear in the venue space at night. Also, if real-time translation (or similar, transmission in anticipation of delay) is possible, you may be able to select and enjoy any language.


Next is transportation. Even so, it's a passenger drone. Perhaps for a limited time, the airspace around the venue will be converted to 3D, and blockchain technology will be used to secure and overwrite safe flight routes. I think the "plateau", which is already a three-dimensional cityscape, will be a big success. In addition, it seems that the aerial route of logistics will be put together with this, and a demonstration experiment will be conducted while taking a safety margin.



Next is the congestion processing of admission restrictions. This is also a terminal, and personal information is encrypted in a form that is not tied, and it may be crowded with AI.

First of all, I will continue next time in such a place.