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私の審美眼とColetteの思い出 My aesthetic eyes and memories of Colette


When I was a college student, when I started a part-time job and got a certain income, I was able to buy what I liked for myself. I poured money into fashion and electrical appliances, especially AV audiovisuals. Fashion here is clothes that were said to be the DC brand I bought at that time. I bought what I was interested in at random as long as the budget allowed. Currently, there are few left at hand, but the aesthetic eye of clothes is based on the knowledge packed at that time. I became a working adult from a student and got a design job through twists and turns, but I was trying to absorb what I touched in search of Western aesthetics, not Eastern aesthetic eyes.



At that time, I started working on space design, and I spent my daily life mass-producing creations, and I had to spend time and freedom for it, but now that I think about it, the stress was strong. December is a business off-season, and when I was single, I was able to spend most of my income on my own, I may have been saved by leaving the ground on a plane going abroad.

In the space design of the exhibition, companies seeking overseas sales channels were also included, so there were not a few opportunities. At that time, I decided to work with a sales representative who is fluent in German and has experience working for a local tourism-related company. That's how he taught me "Colette". At that time, when the Internet such as EC sites started to get excited, I was looking at the products lined up on the site while I was in Japan with a cool cobblestone mixture. It seems that a famous Japanese designer was in charge of the store design, but I didn't even know it at that time.

そんな”colette”がパリのガリエラ美術館で2023年に『1997 Fashion Big Bang』と題した展覧会で取り上げられていた。いまだに、その影響力は継続している、という。そんな私も一度だけ、お店を訪れたことがありました。しかしながら買うべき商品が見つけられず早々に撤退したことを思いました。ほんの少しのColetteにまつわる思い出です。

Such a "colette" was featured in an exhibition titled "1997 Fashion Big Bang" at the Galliera Museum in Paris in 2023. It is said that the influence is still continuing. I've only visited the store once. However, I thought that I couldn't find a product to buy and withdrew early. It's just a little memory about Colette.

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