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エスエフ SF(Scifi)



I think there are many people who translate it as science fiction. The first time I encountered the word science fiction was in the book "SF Classroom" in the library of an elementary school. Examining the material, it seems that it was published by Poplar Publishing in 1971, and I don't know if what I picked up was a reprint. The author is Yasutaka Tsutsui. Everything seems to have been broken by the publisher for juniors, and the words in the text are also conscious of juniors, an image of a gentle older brother.



I searched for the same thing in a secondhand book and couldn't find the same thing, but I happened to find a rumor that a reprint came out in recent years. After searching, it seems that it was published as a collection of non-standard manuscripts such as old ones and doujinshi as part of the Yasutaka Tsutsui collection, and I immediately purchased a used one in good condition from Amazon.

It seems that there are many people who have produced excellent science fiction works in Japan, but I feel that I have not seen any hit works that are widely read around the world. As I read somewhere, it seems that excellent science fiction writers will appear when the economy of the country becomes rich. That Asian writer, who was a worldwide hit, could be in that category.



Looking at Wikipedia, it seems that the stories clearly drawn from HG Wells etc. to recent William Gibson, Neal Stephenson etc. are different. Somehow I understand. In the 1970s, when "Sci-Fi Class" was published, human imagination preceded it, but with the advancement of real technology, the dream world has become a reality.

I would like to continue thinking.



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