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今シーズン見逃せない新しい展示会?A new exhibition you can't miss this season?


「今シーズン見逃せない展示会」って。 大層期待感をあおるタイトルですが、昨年も、一昨年も、展示会業界はかなりのダメージを受けてながら、まだまだ復活してこない業種だと思います。

"Exhibition not to be missed this season". It's a title that raises a lot of expectations, but I think that the exhibition industry has suffered considerable damage last year and two years ago, but it hasn't revived yet.

展示会業界大手の会社は、他の産業で業績回復傾向の顧客からの発注などもちらほら出始めている様ですが、当方などは個人事業となるので、まだまだ遠くのことの様に感じます。 また、ヨーロッパの紛争がいろんなことを不安定にしているので、人の移動を伴う展示会業界は、まだまだ明かりが見えてこない気がしています。

It seems that major companies in the exhibition industry are starting to place orders from customers who are recovering their business performance in other industries, but since we are a sole proprietorship, I feel that it is still a long way off. Also, as the conflicts in Europe have destabilized many things, I feel that the exhibition industry, which involves the movement of people, has yet to see the light.


人の動きが制限されていたからこそ、盛り上げる準備が用意されています。LCCの新規参入、CO2を排出しない航空燃料の 開発、電気の力で空を飛ぶ旅客機など、ハードな面でも注目です。

However, the industry is still moving, and I think there are many companies that are active, but personally, tourism. I would like to pay attention to the exhibition of the tourism industry.

Because the movement of people was restricted, we are ready to liven up. We are also paying attention to the hardware aspects such as the new entry of LCCs, the development of aviation fuel that does not emit CO2, and passenger planes that fly in the sky with the power of electricity.

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