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milano Expo 2015

Dubai Expo 2020行かれた方はいかがでしたか?


2015年当時、仕事の都合(担当していた企業ブースのイタリア展示会でのデザインを受注できたので)でミラノに行く機会があったので(自腹でしたが)、milano EXPO会場に行きました。平日の昼間は人出も少なく、見やすかったろうと思いますが残念ながらその頃は知識もなく、安めの夜限定チケットで、しかも一度だけの観覧でした。

How was the person who went to Dubai Expo 2020?

I have no plans to go to the Expo site so far, so I have no choice but to imagine, but I think it was wonderful.

At the time of 2015, I had the opportunity to go to Milan (I was self-sufficient) because of my work (because I was able to receive an order for the design of the company booth I was in charge of at the Italian exhibition), so I went to the milano EXPO venue. .. I think it was easy to see because there were few people during the daytime on weekdays, but unfortunately I had no knowledge at that time, and it was a cheap night-only ticket, and it was a one-time viewing.

この写真はその時の日本館前This photo is in front of the Japan Pavilion at that time




It is not sane to go to the Expo site as it is from the airport. Unfortunately, at that time, I had no knowledge and rushed.

Sure enough, the "Japan Pavilion" closed at night. I can't help it, so I remember looking around the venue while pulling heavy luggage.

And was it so popular in Europe? Or was it because there was a large exhibition at a nearby exhibition hall? "Washing potatoes" (Japanese proverb) is probably this, it was crowded. It was a peaceful time.



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