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当時、私のサイトはもちろん簡単な構造のもので、Photo shopの機能で写真のフォルダーを選んでボタンを押せば、HTML形式でサイトごと書き出してくれたので、FTPすれば事は簡単でした。


It's been about 12 years ago, but when I was single, I had my own hobby page. It was a time when black-and-white film was (I thought) better than digital photography in terms of taste and economy.

At that time, of course, my site had a simple structure, and if I used the Photo shop function to select a photo folder and press a button, the entire site was exported in HTML format, so it was easy to do FTP.

By the way, this time I am making my own site again to improve my skills, and it is currently in progress, but after more than 10 years, I am surprised by "Urashima Taro". Of course, I see HTTP screens on a daily basis, but when it comes to creators, how crazy it is. stay tuned.

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